update2_27_15.jpgRain, Donuts, Inopportune Lethargy, and Impending Tyranny.

Hello! Happy belated New Year. 2016 ended with a bit of scramble, with lots to draw and print before the year's end.  Vanquished to-do lists notwithstanding, a brand new year is upon us, and with that comes deadlines, new projects, and more new things to draw and print.  I know it's sort of cheesy to be overly sentimental about the new year, but I've always viewed the calendar change as more as a mile marker in life than anything else.  I'm hoping to keep growing and evolving as an illustrator (and just as a human) in 2017, provided that orange-visaged man-baby from television doesn't get us all killed first.

Anyway, I've just added lots of new prints to the store, which includes gig posters for Guster, Lucinda Williams, Umphrey's McGee, and The Wood Brothers.

Recent New Year's Eve posters for Umphrey's McGee (pictured left) will be available in the store tomorrow (1/17/17) at 1 PM CST.

this year's print subscription is officially open.  As always, subscribers will get one of every screen printed item I produce for the calendar year, including all art prints, gig posters, movie posters, print sets, etc.  Each subscriber will also receive a one-of-a-kind test print, a small original sketch or two, and a unique print or variant that is only available to subscribers.  I have some pretty exciting plans for this year, so if you like the things I make, you might consider coming along for the journey this year!

US and Canada: $500 for the year.
International: $575 for the year (the price difference is to cover the expense of overseas shipping).
Regarding payment, I am totally fine with setting up payment plans. A lot of subscribers will pay in full at once, but just as many will pay in two, three or four payments. Just ask! We can work it out.

If you are interested in reserving a spot for 2017, please contact me

Be kind.