Cliffs, Houses, Texas, and Impending Winter

MondoCon in Austin was a blast!  Huge thanks to anyone who came by my booth to say hello, buy a print, buy a drawing, check out my work, etc.  I had so much fun meeting everyone and getting to hang out with so many incredible humans that I only get to see a few times a year. With that said, I have some new prints available in the store.

triptych set: Three 12x12" screen prints, each four colors (including a gold metallic layer), signed/numbered editions of 100. They come with matching edition numbers and are hand packaged with a screen printed band in a clear resealable polymer bag.

I was contacted by the band Foals to do a poster for the one of their North American tour dates, and I thought it might be fun to try out a slightly different composition than I normally do.  Narrow/tall sizes like 12x24" can be fun to work with as well as especially effective for accentuating the height of structures or figures.  I liked that I was able to draw each floating cliff house separately and then arrange them after scanning them into Photoshop.   The Foals poster is up in the store now, and there is an art print version of this image (entitled Drifting) available as well.