update2_27_15.jpgDrawing, Painting, Printing, Texas, and Ramen.

Lots and lots of things going on!  The first thing is this new art print entitled "Awake!" which is available in two different colorways, one with text and one without. Both are three color screen prints on Cougar natural cover, 14x24", signed and numbered editions of 50.
Also up in the store is an Amos Lee tour poster that uses the same illustration, as well as a recent poster for Spektral Quartet.

I recently spent some time in Austin for FLATSTOCK 59 and the House Party 2 exhibition at Mondo Gallery.  My pieces from the Mondo show have sold, but they can be viewed in the most recent little edition of Studio Notes.  Woo, I'll tell you what, Austin, you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.

As I'm sure you've noticed, things in the US have, um, taken a turn (to put it mildly).  A lot of us are pretty unsure what any of this means long term, aside from the rigid assurance that total corporate domination of our daily lives is encroaching at an uncomfortable rate, and we now have decades of work ahead of us to undo the damage caused by a stridently ignorant, narcissistic demagogue.  I released an open edition of this print, and I will be donating $10 from each sale of this print to the ACLU.


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